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STEP 1: Complete an online form or call and speak with a specialist.

Complete our online form and a specialist will immediately contact you.

With our up-to-date database, an apartment locator will email you a list of apartments tailored specifically to your needs and budget. Your personalized list will include floor plans, pictures, pricing, and detailed information about each property.

STEP 2: Tour your favorite properties.

Once you have received the list, it’s time to tour the apartments!

While touring each apartment, you will be asked to complete a guest card. There will be a line that asks “How did you hear about us?” or “Who referred you?”. Make sure you list the company’s name as your referral.

Now you’ve found the perfect apartment. When you fill out a lease application, there will be another “Referred by” line and again you’ll need to list the company’s name as your referral.

Make sure you have listed the company’s name as your referral on ALL documents! This is the reason our service is free and how you receive your rebate! 

Please let your apartment locator know if you have any questions about the process.

STEP 3: Lease your home and receive a REBATE!

Once your lease has been confirmed and we receive payment, we will mail you a rebate value up to $200 within 24 hours!

If you forget to write down the company’s name, there is no way for the property management to connect our office to your new lease.

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